Front Cover and Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Sleeve

Crankshaft Front Seal

Removal Procedure

Remove the crankshaft pulley.

Position Tooling on the nose of the crankshaft. Screw Tooling into crankshaft front seal (1). Do not damage the edge of the housing for the crankshaft front seal. Screw the setscrew (2) into Tooling in order to remove the crankshaft front seal (1). Discard the crankshaft front seal (1).

Installation Procedure

Ensure that the bore for the crankshaft front seal in the front housing is clean and free from damage.

Assemble Tooling. Align the new crankshaft front seal (1) to the front housing. If the crankshaft front seal is supplied with a sleeve, remove the sleeve from the crankshaft front seal before installation.
Use Tooling to install the crankshaft front seal (1). Ensure that the front face of the seal is installed to a depth of 6.5 ± 0.2 mm (0.256 ± 0.008 inch) into the front housing. Remove Tooling from the crankshaft. Install the crankshaft pulley.

Front Cover

Removal Procedure

If the engine has a fan, remove the fan. Remove the water pump. In order to remove the front cover, it is not necessary to remove the crankshaft pulley or the alternator.

Remove the M8 setscrews (3) and (4). Remove the M10 setscrew (5). Identify the positions of the different setscrews. The M10 setscrew (5) may not be installed to some engines. Remove the front cover (1) from the front housing. Remove the joint (2) from the front cover (1). Discard the joint.

Installation Procedure

Thoroughly clean the joint face of the front housing. Thoroughly clean the front cover (1). Install a new joint (2) to the front cover (1). Engage the three locators (Y) into the holes in the front cover. Install Tooling into holes (X) in the front housing. Use Tooling in order to position the front cover assembly onto the front housing.
Install the M8 setscrews (3) and (4). Install the M10 setscrew (5) finger tight. Ensure that the different setscrews are installed in the correct positions.
The M10 setscrew (5) may not be installed to some engines. Loosely install the water pump assembly and remove Tooling. Tighten the setscrews (3), (4) and (5) to a torque of 22 N·m (16 lb ft). Tighten the setscrews for the water pump to a torque of 22 N·m (16 lb ft). If the engine has a fan, install the fan.

Crankshaft Wear Sleeve (Front)

Removal Procedure

Remove the assembly of the crankshaft pulley. Remove the crankshaft front seal. Keep all parts clean from contaminants. Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life. Wear sleeves are used to reclaim worn seal surfaces. Wear sleeves are not original equipment. A new crankshaft front seal must be installed when a new wear sleeve is installed.

Use a sharp tool to score a deep line across the wear sleeve (1). Take care to avoid damaging the crankshaft adapter. Insert a thin blade between the wear sleeve (1) and the crankshaft adapter (2) below the scored line. The wear sleeve will separate along the line. Remove the wear sleeve (1) from the crankshaft adapter (2).

Installation Procedure

Ensure that the crankshaft adapter is thoroughly clean and dry.

Apply a small continuous bead of Tooling to the inner surface of the wear sleeve (1) at position X. Apply the bead of Tooling 5.00 mm (0.2 inch) from the flange end of the wear sleeve.

Align the wear sleeve (1) with the crankshaft adapter (2). Use the installation tool that is provided with the wear sleeve and use a press in order to install the wear sleeve (1) onto the crankshaft adapter (2). Remove the installation tool from the wear sleeve (1). Ensure that the wear sleeve (2) has no rough edges. Install a new crankshaft front seal. Install the assembly of the crankshaft pulley.