Removing and install the hydraulic circuit right-hand cover

Immobilise the tractor. Chock the left rear wheel.
Put on the handbrake. Chock between the frame and the front axle.
Partially bleed the rear axle housing.
Take off the wheel concerned. Position an axle stand.

Disconnect the clogging indicator harness (12), and remove the 15 micron filter (14) and its base.
Disconnect and block off the hydraulic unions supplying the spool valves.
If the tractor is equipped with a trailer braking system, take out the screw and (19) remove the valve (18).

Disconnect and block off the hydraulic unions on the block (17).
Remove the block (17)Disconnect and block off the hydraulic unions (A) (B) (C) on the right-hand cover.

Disconnect and block off the hydraulic union (D) on the right-hand cover.
Locate and disconnect the solenoid valve electrical connectors.

Remove the suction strainer (18). Disconnect and remove the filtration switch (19).

Loosen and remove the screws (4) securing the right-hand cover.
Install a guide stud (G1) to prevent the cover from falling. Release and remove the housing cover.

Clean the mating face of the housing and check the transfer pipe (25) is in place. Install a new seal (39). Check the two locating pins (1) are in place.

Clean the mating face of the right-hand cover, smear it with Loctite 510 or equivalent, and Install the new seals (39) (2) (3).

Install two guide pins (G1) to the housing, and Install the cover onto (G1).
Place the cover on the housing and fit two diametrically opposing screws (4).
Remove the guide pins (G1), and Install and tighten all screws (4) to a torque of 72 - 96 Nm (Loctite 241). Connect the filtration switch (19) connector.
Install the suction strainer (18) and the filtration switch protector. Direct the discharge hole on the latter downwards.
Connect the electrical connectors on the solenoid valves according to the marks made at disassembly. Connect the hydraulic union (D).
Connect the hydraulic unions (A) (B) (C). Install the block (17).
Connect the hydraulic unions on the block (17).
If the tractor is equipped with a trailer braking system, Install the brake valve (18) and tighten the screws (19). Connect the hydraulic supply unions of the hydraulic spool valves. Install the 15 micron filter (14) and its base. Install the clogging indicator harness.
Reinstall the wheel, then tighten the nuts to the torque stated below. Remove the axle stand, top up the oil level in the housing and check it using the gauge located to the rear of the centre housing.
Check the tightness of the mating faces and hydraulic unions. Wheel tightening torque: 400-450 Nm

Special points
- The function of each solenoid valve is moulded on the outside face of the hydraulic cover casting.
- The cover is fitted with three different types of solenoid valves.
- Out of the four or five solenoid valves fitted (depending on version), the "Fluid Power System" solenoid valve (7) of the PTO clutch is of the proportional type.

- The "Parker" solenoid valve (8) of the PTO brake has a solenoid valve with a diode and is represented by the following symbol.
- The body of the "Parker" solenoid valve (11) must be Installed to the control circuit of the Hare / Tortoise mechanism. It features a machined end-piece on one of its ends. Take out the screws (4) and remove the cover.

After removing the cover, if necessary remove from the housing the transfer pipe (25)ensuring hydraulic continuity with the pump manifold.

Clean the mating faces of the housing and the cover.
Check for the presence of the two locating pins (1) and rivets at the ends of the channels on the coverInstall new seals:
- on the Hare / Tortoise channels (2) 
- on the power take-off clutch channel (3).

Install and position the suction pipe (38), with its notch along the axis of the pin inserted in the housing. Put in place seal (39).
Screw two locally made guide pins into opposing holes on the housing.

Reinstall the transfer pipe if it was previously removed.
Smear the mating faces of the cover with a sealing product (Loctite 510 or equivalent) taking care not to block the hydraulic ports of the Hare / Tortoise mechanism. Reinstall the cover. Take out the guide pins. Install and tighten the screws (4) to a torque of 72 -96 Nm.
Reconnect (according to the markings made):
- solenoid valves
- filtration switch
- low pressure switch
- engine speed sensor.
Attach the electrical harnesses using a cable clip. Reconnect the pipes and hose. Reinstall the valve (6) (if fitted).
Check the condition of the strainer seal (18) and lubricate it. Reinstall the strainer and tighten it an additional quarter turn after it contacts with the cover.
Reinstall the 15 micron filter and its base. Reconnect the filter clogging indicator.
Lift the tractor. Reinstall the wheel. Remove the axle stand and tighten the nuts to a torque of 400 - 450 Nm. Remove the chocks.
Top up the transmission oil level of the rear axle and check it using the gauge located to the rear of the centre housing.
Check the operation of the electrical circuits, the low pressure switch, the solenoid valves, the filtration switch and the filter clogging indicator.
If the pump has been replaced, or if the disassembly of one or several hydraulic component(s) was necessary, check the hydraulic circuit by carrying out the relevant tests.
Check the tightness of the cover mating face, the strainer and the hydraulic unions.