Dana front axle

This may or may not be fitted on the tractor depending on the engine front axle model. The front axles mounted on the 4WD tractors consist of:
- a centre housing containing the differential unit and the differential lock system, as well as the transmission shafts,
- at each end, a hub assembly containing the final drive units.
The front axle is assembled to the front frame of the tractor by means of a pivot which adapts to the unevenness of the ground. Drive is transmitted from the rear axle to the front axle by a transmission shaft.
Engagement is ensured by an electro-hydraulically controlled multidisc clutch. The differential unit is held by two half-bearings mounted on a suitable support allowing the crownwheel and pinion to be adjusted.
The bevel gear is supported by two bearings and is adjusted using shims. The wheel hubs containing the final drives are held in place by two tapered roller bearings and driven by a hydraulically-controlled steering gear.

DANA Front Axle AG 85 - 105B 

Parts list 
(1) Axle housing (2) Final drives (3) Steering pivot (4) Input shaft (5) Pinion (6) Differential

 Dimensions for DANA Front Axle AG 85 models
A = 1869                 E = M18 x 1.5
B = Ø 220.8            F = 275
C = Ø 315               G = Ø 79.90
D = 1669                 H = Ø 95

Dimensions for DANA Front Axle AG 105B models
A = 2020                 E = M18 x 1.5
B = Ø 220.8             F = 275
C = Ø 315               G = Ø 79.90
D = 1800                 H = Ø 95

                                            AG 85                             AG 105B
Differential                     8 / 33 (1 / 4.125)                8 / 33 (1 / 4.125)
Final drive                             1 / 4.6                              1 / 4.6
Total reduction                     1 / 18.975                         1 / 18.975
Unladen weight                       260 kg                              270 kg
Input direction of rotation                        Anti-clockwise
Differential type                        Dog clutch lock, hydraulic control
Max. inner/outer steering angle                     55° / 39°
Oil specification
                                                              SAE 85W90
                                                  In compliance with standards
                                                            API GL4 - GL5
                                                                MIL 2105
                                                            and MIL 2105B
Differential oil capacity              5.5                                    6.8
Final drive unit oil capacity      0.9 + 0.9                              1.1
                                                            POLYMER 400/L
                                                            DIN = KHER1R

Dana front axle - Final drive units

The Dana final drive unit comprises a swivel housing (47) linked to the front axle housing by two pivot pins (7) (11). The wheel hub (22) turns on two tapered roller bearings whose cups (23) (19) are force-fitted into the hub. The cones (18) (25) are also force-fitted. The bearings (18) (19) (23) (25) are not adjustable. The parts are manufactured with machining tolerances requiring no further adjustment or shimming. Drive from the front differential is transmitted to the wheel hub via the universal joint shaft assembly (10), sun gear (28), planet gears (38) and ring gear (44). This is held in position by two snap rings (24) (26) on the ring gear carrier (42). The ring gear carrier is force-fitted to the housing (47) and locked by the central nut (27). The planet gear pins (41) are held in rotation in the planet carrier by the flange (53). On AG 105 Dana front axles, the planet gears are equipped with a double row of needle rollers separated by a spacer. For improved performance, the seal rings are fitted with double lips. Sealing of the hub/housing is ensured by a cassette seal (45), and sealing of the universal joint shaft/housing is provided by the seal (8) and the protective ring (40). Sealing of the drive unit and the swivel housing is ensured by the seal (16) and the sealing of the swivel bearings in the swivel housing by the seals (6) and (12).

Dana final drive Parts list
(1) Screw (2) Cover plate (3) Shim(s) (4) Bearing cup (5) Bearing cone (6) Seal (7) Pivot pin (8) Seal (9) Ring (10) Universal joint shaft (11) Pivot pin (12) Seal (13) Bearing cone (14) Bearing cup (15) Cover plate (16) Seal (17) Ring (18) Bearing cone (19) Bearing cup (20) Seal (21) Plug
(22) Wheel hub (23) Bearing cup (24) Snap ring (25) Bearing cone (26) Snap ring (27) Nut (28) Sun gear (29) Circlip (30) Thrust washer (31) Ring (32) Grease nipples (33) Screw (35) Needle rollers (36) Planet carrier (37) Friction plate (38) Planet gear (39) Friction plate (40) Protective ring (41) Planet gear pin (42) Ring gear carrier (43) Wheel stud (44) Ring gear (45) Seal
(47) Swivel housing (48) Steering stop screw (49) Nut (52) Axle housing (53) Flange (55) Screw (56) Needle rollers (57) Spacer

Chock the rear wheels. Apply the hand brake. Because the 4WD clutch is mechanically engaged when stationary, raise the two front wheels in order to freely turn the hub (22) for the relevant wheel.
Remove the wheel. Drain the drive unit.

Removing the planet carrier
Remove the screws (33).
Take off and detach the planet carrier fitted with the thrust washer (30).
Remove the circlip (29) and the sun gear (28). To avoid damaging the thread of the swivel housing (47), it is advised to correctly unlock the nut (27).
Unlock the nut (27) using a socket ref. 3376880M1.
Support the hub (22) in a sling.
Remove the hub (22) accompanied by the ring gear carrier (42) and the ring gear (44) using the puller ref. 3378038M1 and the special sleeve. Smear the cone and the puller screw with graphite grease.

Remove the snap rings (24) (26) from the ring gear carrier assembly (42). 
Separate the ring gear (44) from the ring gear carrier.

Disassembling the planet carrier 

The planet gear pins (41) are immobilised by a flange (53) attached to the planet carrier (36) by the screws (55).
Place the planet carrier on a workbench.
Take out the screws and remove the flange.
Remove the pins (41) from the planet carrier by screwing a locally obtained screw into the tapped hole located at the end of each pin.
Remove the planet gears (38). Recover the needle rollers (35) and the plates (37) (39).

Reassembling the planet carrier
Clean and check all components. Replace those that are defective.
In each planet gear (38) Install the needle rollers, smeared with bearing grease. Install the prepared planet gears in the planet carrier (36).

Reinstall the ring gear, the sun gear and the planet carrier
Assemble the ring gear (44) on the ring gear carrier (42) with the snap rings (24) (26), ensuring their correct positioning in their grooves.
Insert the hub (22), ring gear carrier (42) and ring gear (44) assembly.
Lubricate the splines of the swivel housing (47).
Using three or four (makeshift) flanges "B" screwed into the hub holes, fix together the ring gear carrier (42) and the hub (22).

Install the ring gear carrier / hub assembly using the fitting tool, ref. 3378058M1 until the ring gear carrier comes into contact with the housing. Tighten tool up against the swivel housing. Smear nut D and its mating face with graphite greaseManually check the rotation of the hub (22).

Install and tighten the nut into the swivel housing groove by bending its collar without breaking it.
Install the sun gear (28) and circlip (29).
Smear the mating face of the planet carrier with sealing product Loctite 510 or equivalent.
Check for the presence of the thrust washer (30).
Reinstall the planet carrier. Tighten the screws (33) to 70 - 85 Nm.
Turn the hub so that the filler plug is positioned along the horizontal axis. Fill and top up the Dana final drive unit oil level through the same port. Screw on the plug (21) fitted with its seal (20).
Reinstall the wheel. Remove the axle stands and the jack. Tighten the nuts to a torque of 400 - 450 Nm.
Remove the chocks and release the hand brake.
Carry out a road test of the front axle. Check the tightness of the planet carrier and filler plug mating faces.