Dana front axle - Bearing and transmission shaft

The tractors are fitted with a fixed Dana front axle. Drive is transmitted from the front axle clutch located in the rear axle via a transmission shaft. The transmission shaft is fixed and is centred with the front axle pivot. The shaft is housed in a guard (2) located underneath the tractor. Each end is linked respectively to the 4WD unit and the front drive pinion carrier. Its middle section is supported by a bearing (4) enclosed in a support (5) fitted to the front section of the gearbox. The front frame supports the front axle pivot. The pivot front bearing is removable on all models, while the rear bearing is part of the front frame assembly.

Dana front axle AG 85 / 105 

Dana front axle parts list 
(1) Screw (2) Sleeve (3) Shaft (4) Bearing (5) Bearing support (6) Protective guard (7) Front frame (8) Rear ring (9) Seal (10) Chamfered washer (11) Seal (12) Chamfered washer (13) Seal (14) Screw (15) Front ring (16) Grease nipple (17) Grease nipple (18) Front bearing

Removing and install the bearings

Chock the rear wheels and apply the hand brake.
Disconnect the differential lock hose. Take it off the guard (6).
Remove the guard. Separate the sleeves (2) from the drive pinion carrier and the 4WD unit. Remove the transmission shaft.
Raise the tractor using a trolley jack of sufficient lifting capacity positioned under the centreline of the axle housing.
Remove the front wheels.
Disconnect the steering ram hoses, marking their positions.
Sling the front axle using suitable straps.
Remove the grease nipple (16) and screws (14). Remove the front bearing (18), washers (10) and seal (11).

Remove the front axle, washer (12) and seal (13).

Replace the seal (13). Position the washer (12) with the chamfer turned towards the axle housing.
Sling and refit the front axle assembly.
Reinstall bearing (18). Momentarily Install the screws (14).
Thrust the bearing (18) against the washer (10) to eliminate the clearance as much as possible.
Definitively tighten screws (14), lightly smeared with Loctite 270. Tighten to a torque of 520 - 640 Nm.
Install the grease nipple on the bearing (18).
Reconnect the steering ram hoses.
Reinstall the transmission shaft (3). Assemble the sleeves (2) on the drive pinion carrier and the 4WD unit.

Replacing the friction rings and the seal

Front bearing
Using a suitable mandrel, drift or hydraulic press, drive out the worn ring (15).

Rear bearing
Extract the seal (9) and the ring (8).

Front bearing

Clean the components. Using a press and a suitable fitting, Install the ring into the bearing level with face F, with port "O" turned upwards and aligned with the lubrication port.

Rear bearing
Install the ring into the rear bearing using the same method as for the front bearing.
Position the seal (9) up against the shoulder of the bearing.

Tightening torques

Front bearing
The thread should be previously smeared with Loctite 270 or equivalent.
Screw (14): 520 - 640 Nm

Front wheel nuts
Dana front axle AG 85 or AG 105 axle: 400 - 450 Nm