Carraro front axle

This may or may not be fitted on the tractor depending on the engine front axle model. The front axles mounted on the 4WD tractors consist of:
- a centre housing containing the differential unit and the differential lock system, as well as the transmission shafts,
- at each end, a hub assembly containing the final drive units.

The front axle is assembled to the front frame of the tractor by means of a pivot which adapts to theunevenness of the ground. Drive is transmitted from the rear axle to the front axle by a universal joint shaft. Engagement is ensured by an electrohydraulically controlled multidisc clutch. The differential unit is held by two half-bearings mounted on a suitable support allowing the crownwheel and pinion to be adjusted. The bevel gear is supported by two bearings and is adjusted using shims. The wheel hubs containing the final drives are held in place by two tapered roller bearings and driven by a hydraulically controlled steering gear.

CARRARO 20.19 front axle

Parts list
(1) Axle housing (2) Final drives (3) Flange (4) Pinion (5) Differential (6) Bush (7) Steering ram

Specifications and dimensions

All values in the following tables are given in millimetres.

Dimensions for CARRARO 20.19 front axle models

A = 2045                 F = 275                    K = 136
B = Ø 320               G = 456                    L = 134
C = Ø 220.8            H = 90                      M = 347
D = 1800                  I = 49                      N = 481
E = M18 x 1.5         J = 215                     O = 115

Technical specifications

DESCRIPTION                                         VALUES
Differential                                  9 / 32 (1 / 3.55)
Final drive                                           1 / 6.0
Total reduction                                   1 / 21.33
Unladen weight                                    320 kg
Input direction of rotation                 Anti-clockwise
Differential type                               Multidisc lock
Max. inner/outer steering angle             55° / 42°
Oil specification
                                                      SAE 85W140
In compliance with standards
                                                     API GL4 - GL5
                                                        MIL 2105
                                                     and MIL 2105D
Differential oil capacity                               6
Final drive unit oil capacity                    0.7 + 0.7
                                                     POLYMER 400/L
                                                     DIN = KHER1R

Dismantling the steering ram assembly

Chock the rear wheels. Apply the hand brake. Because the 4WD clutch is mechanically engaged when stationary, raise the two front wheels so that the wheel hub in question can be turned freely.
Place axle stands in position.
Remove the wheel concerned.
Drain the drive unit.

Dismantling the steering ram assembly
Loosen the selector rail counter-nut by several turns until it is at the same level as the threaded stud.
Strike the nut with a hammer to extract the selector rail from the swivel housing. This will destroy the nut. To disassemble the steering ram.