Separating PTO housing and Centre housing

Drain the centre housing.


Mark the position of the hoses (1) and disconnect hydraulic couplers (2) (Fig. 1).
Disconnect the clutch pipes (low pressure and lubrication) located on the right-hand side of the PTO housing.


Disconnect PTO sensors (1) and (3) (Fig2) on the driving gear and the output shaft.
Remove the right- and left-hand guards over the harnesses connected to the load sensors.
On housing (4), remove two diametrically opposite screws (2) (Fig2), and replace with two guide studs of sufficient length (230 mm approximately) (local manufacture).

Assisted by an operator, or using a suitable sling, remove support hook (1) (Fig3).
Remove the remaining screws. Unstick and disengage the PTO housing from the centre housing by levering, then remove using suitable lifting equipment.


- The PTO housing comes out complete with the clutch and driving/driven pinions. Shaft (28) remains in the intermediate housing and centre housing.

9. Clean the mating surfaces of the housings.
10. Coat the mating face of the centre housing with sealing product - Loctite 510 or equivalent.
11. Check the presence of the locating pins on the centre housing.

The insertion dimension for the studs is 11.40 mm in relation to the surface of the centre
housing. The studs are coated with Loctite 638 or equivalent before fitting.


Check that piston (1) in the PTO brake slides freely. Place the piston in abutment on cylinder (3) (Fig4) to allow passing the PTO clutch during reassembly of the housing.
Coat friction washer (20) with miscible grease and apply against bearing (24) (removable-shaft PTO only).
Ensure that driven pinions (7) and (18) are correctly positioned on shaft (12) and that they rotate normally (PTO all types).

Position complete housing (4) (Fig4) on the guide studs installed previously.
Progressively slide the housing onto the studs in order to engage the splines of shaft (28) in the clutch splines, and those on end of shaft (12) inside bearing (24).
Offer up the PTO housing to the centre housing. Install the support hook (1) (Fig3). Remove the guide studs. Install screws (2) (Fig3 and 4) and torque to 480-640 Nm (apply Loctite 542).
Reinstall the side guards.

Connect pipes and sensors (1) and (3) (Fig2).
Fix the hoses to the hydraulic couplers.
Service the oil system and check the level on the transparent tube located on the left of the centre housing.
Check the following points:
- leak tightness of mating face of PTO housing: leak tightness of hydraulic unions,
- operation of PTO clutch, including PTO brake (all types).