Rear Axle - Standard trumpets

The intermediate housing comprising:
. the drive pinion
. the hand brake unit
. the hydraulic pump pinion
. the 4 WD clutch
. the Park Lock system
. the PTO clutch transmission shaft.
. the right-hand and left-hand side.

The centre housing containing:
. the drive pinion crownwheel and differential
. the PTO brake
. the two trumpet housings
- The PTO housing containing:
. in the upper part, the clutch and double pinion driving the 540 / 1000 rpm pinions.
. in the lower part, the removable 540 or 1000 rpm shaft depending on the desired speed and the 540 / 1000 rpm pinions.
- The left and right trumpet housings acting as the housing for the rear wheel drive system.

Layout of the main components 
(1) Intermediate housing
(2) Centre housing
(3) PTO housing
(4) Bevel gear (crown wheel and drive pinion)
(5) Handbrake unit
(6) Creeper gearbox (if fitted)
(7) PTO clutch and drive pinion(s)
(8) 540 / 1000 rpm pinions
(9) 4 WD clutch
(10) Park Lock unit
(11) Hydraulic pump drive pinion
(12) Removable 540 / 1000 rpm shaft 

Tractors with standard bevel gear
On tractors fitted with Heavy Duty transmission, the drive unit (6) is fitted to the rear of the gearbox.

Tractors with hypoid bevel gear
On a hypoid bevel gear, the axial line of the drive pinion is not common with the centre of the crownwheel

Tractors are fitted with standard trumpet housings; also known has Heavy Duty "HD". They may be fitted either with a plain axle shaft or with a flanged axle shaft.

The trumpet housings support the left and right-hand axle shafts and contain the final drive unit that receives the rotation from the differential assembly. Both trumpet housings are symmetrical and fitted on either side of the centre housing.

The axle shaft (2), depending on the version, is supported by two taper roller bearings comprising bearing cups (8) (12) and cones (7) (13) fitted opposing each other. The oil tightness of the drive unit compartment is provided by a lip seal (11). The oil tightness of the crownwheel is ensured by two beads of silicone (Silicomet type). The lip seal (5) protects the external bearing. The planetary carrier (25) engages with the axle shaft (2) by means of splines and contains three planetary gears (22) that engage with the crownwheel (15) and the sun gear (29).
The crownwheel placed between the trumpet housing (10) and the brake plate (30) is centred by pins (14). The sun gear (29) drives the brake disc (35). The pre-loading of the taper roller bearings is obtained by shim(s) (26) placed at the end of the shaft between washers (1) (27). The axle shaft (2), depending on version and planetary carrier (25) are held by washer (27) and bolt (28). The brake plate (30) posseses a port "O" providing lubrication for the brakes.

Parts list
(1) Washer (2) Plain axle shaft (2) Wheel flange (5) 3-lipped seal (6) Cage (7) Bearing cone (8) Bearing cup (9) Threaded plug (10) Trumpet housing (11) Seal (12) Bearing cup (13) Bearing cone
(14) Pins (15) Crownwheel (16) Tab washer (17) Spacer (18) Bolt (19) Circlip (20) Planetary gear pin (21) Washer (22) Planetary gear (23) Needle bearings (24) Spacer (25) Planetary carrier (26) Shim(s)
(27) Lock washer (28) Bolt (29) Sun gear (30) Brake plate (34) Ring (straight axle shaft) (35) Brake disc (39) Bolt (40) Bolt